At STAR Cleaning we go beyond the surface to extract tough dirt and contaminants from your floor.

Tired of a dingy-looking floor at home? Whether you have tile, or wood, carpet, or even just area rugs that need spot cleaning, we’ll restore your floors to new using our state-of-the-art green-cleaning techniques. We’ll fix it up to look like new in no time!

We will inspect your floors to determine the best treatment process. Then our trained technicians use high-pressure jets, combined with truck-mounted steam/pressure cleaning to clean your tile and grout. In other words we use a water and vacuum combination that suctions the dirt from deep within the tile. This is similar to our outdoor high power pressure washing method, the difference being the vacuum, which prevents a watery mess in enclosed spaces. The entire process only takes between 30-60 minutes for an average-sized room. Homes with larger tiled areas should allow for additional cleaning time. Of course the time spent cleaning will also depend on other factors like the size of the tile, amount of soil in the grout lines, and room configuration.

If you have hardwood floors, no problem! During the time we’ve been in business, we’ve broadened our expertise, building our ability to work on all floor surfaces. We definitely understand the complexities associated with hardwood floor cleaning and why it’s important to seal and maintain them. Cleaning hardwood floors can be a challenging task, one that may extend further than the use of a mop and broom. Those tools are simply not meant for deep cleaning to the extent of floor restoration. They are unable to extract the deep, unseen dirt and contaminants. So if you want to avoid an attempt with those things, rely on STAR Cleaning to extract the dirt in those deep crevices of your hardwood floor. Imagine the improved air quality and circulation you’ll experience as a result of having your hardwood floors restored to their full clean potential.

Once we’ve cleaned your floors, here are some of our tips on how to preserve your restored wood floor:

  • Vacuum or sweep floors regularly. Avoid using wax, oil or soap or other industrial household cleaners, because silicone-based products could compromise the intergrity of your hardwood surfaces and make future cleaning more difficult
  • Remove spills promptly
  • Avoid rubbed-backed rugs
  • Avoid poor ventilation
  • Maintain consistent humidity levels in your home to prevent swelling, shrinking, cracking or exposing the gaps
  • Avoid deep scratching. High heels, pets’ claws and other sharp objects can permenantly damage wood flooring.
  • Keep in touch with STAR Cleaning for future cleaning jobs!